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The Quick, Economical Method to Secure Hurricane Protection

PanelMate - wide

Further information

PanelMate® fasteners offer one-time installation – the anchors stay in place, ready for even faster and easier panel mounting as the next storm approaches.

Features and Benefits

  • Fasteners accept standard 1/4-20 hardware
  • Provide exceptional pull-out and shear values
  • Provide outstanding corrosion resistance (withstands 800 – 1000 hours in salt spray testing per ASTM B117 standards)
  • Tested to tough Miami-Dade hurricane standards


  • Styles: Double-ended studs (accept standard 1/4-20 nuts); anchor with internally-threaded head (accepts standard 1/4-20 hardware); hex fasteners and internally-threaded inserts
  • Thread Style: Oversized 14-10 V-notched threads (.270 O.D.)
  • Materials: Carbon steel and 18-8 stainless steel
  • Finish: Carbon steel designs have Stalgard® coating