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Flex Technology

The Flex Technology® Concept

Elco Construction Products group has developed a family of products that utilize Flex Technology to incorporate high performance and virtual immunity to delayed embrittlement failures. Using special alloy materials that receive proprietary heat treatments and tempering processes, the Flex Technology line of products far surpasses any standard fastening format available. Flex Technology allows designers and system manufacturers to manage their risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.

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Below you will find information about the Flex Technology® Product Line

High performance in dissimilar metal applications

302 (18-8) Stainless Steel Drill Screws

300 Series Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Self-Drilling Screws

For Use in Structural Applications

Thread-forming structural Screws

Bi-Metal Fasteners: The corrosion resistance of 300 series stainless steel in a threaded concrete anchor

Large Diameter Masonry Screws