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High Performance in dissimilar Metal Applications


Further information

302 stainless steel thread-cutting/self-tapping fasteners with Stalgard® GB coating to prevent galvanic reactions and increase corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Roll-form or cut mating threads in aluminum components to eliminate tapping operations and speed installation
  • Stalgard® GB coating prevents galvanic reaction between stainless steel fasteners and aluminium components


  • Diameters: #10 - 1/4"
  • Head Styles: Hex washer, pan, flat, and flat undercut
  • Drive Systems: Hex washer and Phillips®
  • Thread/Point Styles: Type F, B or AB
  • Material: 302 stainless steel
  • Finish: Stalgard® GB (Galvanic Barrier) coating